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A&J Pharmacy and Medicine-On-Time, Medicine Made Easy Our Medicine-On-Time MOT process helps you and your loved ones take the right medication at the right time

Take your monthly prescriptions...

From This

Customers prescription pill bottles

To This

Medicine-On-Time-(MOT)- Blister pack with customers medications broken down by time and day when to take their medications

For more information on


at A&J Pharmacy, contact:

Rosa LaDelfa

Business Development Director, Senior Consultant

(T) (585) 872-7575

(C) (585) 474-8215

-------------------------------------How It Works--------------------------------------

The Refill
One visit, all your prescriptions


Instead of waiting in line at the prescription counter every time you run low on medication, let your Medicine-On-Time® pharmacist synchronize all your refills and prepare one package, well in advance of you running out.

  • Quick, infrequent pharmacy trips

  • No more waiting in line for pills

  • All medications delivered together

The Calendar

Organized, color-coded convenience


You will receive your medications organized into color-coded calendar cards for an easy and reliable system. Remove a single dose or take several with you for added convenience on the go.

  • Morning

  •  Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Bedtime

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