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At A&J Pharmacy, we're not just another drug store. We see ourselves as a central source of information with regard to medicines and your health. That's why we are continuing to add products and services that we believe will be of benefit to our customers. Navigating through the complexity of medicines, insurance, reimbursements, and co-pays can be daunting. That's what we're here is to simply guide you through the process and to get you on your way to better health.

Managing specialty medications can be complex and require careful management. It can be overwhelming to navigate the pathways of specialty medications to treat complex or chronic health conditions. A&J Pharmacy's experience and personalized approach can help ease the burden for both prescribers and patients.

Benefits for patients:

  • Filling your prescriptions quickly.

  • We will work with your doctor and your health plan to complete all the paperwork requirements to secure your medications.

Lowering out-of-pocket costs:

  • We'll help you understand your co-pay and out-of-pocket coverage costs.

  • We will also work to research/investigate your benefit verification to help optimize your case impact.

  • We can assist by linking you with financial assistance programs to help lower co-pays and out-of-pocket costs.

Learning how to better manage your health:

  • Our pharmacists will consult with you when you start therapy to educate you about the medication protocol and provide details on your plan of care.

  • We'll follow up with you with dose and refill reminders to help you stay on track with your care plan.

  • We offer free delivery of medications and supplies

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